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TOYDORKS offers the opportunity to pre-order items to be release in the near future without the hassle in waiting for it

Arkham Asylum Series 2
Bioshock 2 - Light Up Big Daddy
Bob Marley
Borderlands - ClapTrap
Brightest Day Series 1
Bulletstorm - Grayson Hunt
Captain America - First Avenger Movie
Crysis 2 - Nanosuit
DC Universe Green Lantern 2
DC Universe Series 16
DC Universe Series 17
Dead Space 2
Dragon Age
Gears Of War Series 6
Green Lantern Series 4
Gremlins - Mogwai
Halo Anniversary
Halo Minimates
Halo Reach 2-Pack
Little Big Planet Series 2
Marvel Select - Gambit
Marvel Select - Movie Loki
Marvel Team Pack
Marvel Universe March
Marvel Universe May
MLB Cooperstown Series 8
Music Icons - Iggy Pop
NBA Miami Heat 3-Pack
NBA Series 19
NFL 2-Pack Bradshaw and Long
NFL Elite Series 2
NFL Series 26
NFL Series 27
NHL Series 28
Quarter Scale Classic Predator Movie
Terminator Series 1
The Walking Dead
Thor The Movie Figures
Transformers Prime
WoW - Lich King
Young Justice