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IG-88 Unleashed Series 12

IG-88 Unleashed Series 12
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Item Description
Manufacturer:Hasbro Toys
Description Of Item: IG-88 is what happens when arrogance overrides common sense. The inventors of this sentient combat droid smugly believed that a machine could never outthink them. They were wrong. Seconds after they activated the prototype, they were methodically slaughtered by it. IG-88 made three duplicates of itself and began to gather a legion of droids to conquer the galaxy. One of the IG-88 droids became a bounty hunter who answered Darth Vader?s call to capture the Millennium Falcon. Cold, calculating and bent on destruction and domination, IG-88 is loaded with concealed weaponry and is chillingly proficient with all of it, resulting in a ?dismantle on sight? warrant in over forty systems. One glimpse of IG-88 and the blood congeals in a fleeing bounty?s veins, for he knows that the droid will not stop until it has captured or exterminated its prey.
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