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Gentle Giant - Jabba The Hutt Statue

Gentle Giant - Jabba The Hutt Statue
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Item Description
Manufacturer:Gentle Giant LTD
Description Of Item: Inspired from George Lucas's modern classic Science Fiction Trilogy, Star Wars EP-VI, Return of the Jedi, we present the Jabba the Hutt Diorama. This meticulously sculpted environmental statue of the infamous Crime Lord on his Throne faithfully captures his finer grotesque qualities. A loathsome slug of a gangster, Jabba the Hutt was the pre-eminent Kingpin of crime in the Outer Rim Territories. His physical appearance was as repulsive as his decadence. A hefty Hutt, Jabba resembled a worm-like slug, with a legless, tapered body coated in slime. This attractive fellow kept himself entertained by torturing & humiliating his prisoners as well as his subjects This Slippery figure of one of the Star Wars Universe's most infamous Criminals is long Sold Out at Gentle Giant. So don't be left in the path of the Crime Lord's Rage for not capturing him for your Star Wars Collection! The Diorama's dimensions are 9inch H X 21.5 inch L X 11 inch D overall & weights approximately 24 lbs. boxed. Of course Jabba & friends are hand painted & finished to the highest standards which Gentle Giant is known for. Every slimy detail of Jabba's Throne is expertly captured with guest bondage rings located around the sides. Along with Jabba, sits his pet dancer, Oola, a Jawa servant with a staff fan & his personal snack bowl filled with delectable goodies.
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