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SDCC 2008 Marvel Select - Skrull Elektra and Skrull

SDCC 2008 Marvel Select - Skrull Elektra and Skrull
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Item Description
Manufacturer:Hasbro Toys
Description Of Item: This version of Elektra appears to be the version from the Marvel Legends Elektra & Ronin 2-Pack, modified with a variant head sculpt and a green complexion to resemble Elektra?s impersonation by the Skrull operative Siri during the Secret Invasion Storyline. This version is significant in the longevity of the impersonation and the fact that the imposter successfully deceived the heightened senses of characters such as Spider-Man and Wolverine. The Skrull is the version included in the Brood & Skrull Alien Legends 2-Pack and the forthcoming Skrull Three-Pack. Identified by green skin, a corrugated chin and large pointed ears, the scrawny and malingering Skrull is clad in a skullcap, a jester collar, and a dark red jumpsuit. The Skrull?s nearly limitless shapeshifting abilities allow him to impersonate anything ranging from a toilet bowl to a superhero personality. The Secret Invasion storyline involved the Skrull?s elaborate campaign, subsequent to the fall of their Empire, to infiltrate and gain permanent control of Earth.
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