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Marvel Legends Icons - Magneto

Marvel Legends Icons - Magneto
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Item Description
Manufacturer:Hasbro Toys
Description Of Item: The 12? Marvel Icons are larger counterparts to Marvel Legends with 30 points of articulation. Each Icon includes an interactive display base and a book with a full history of the character. Magneto features what looks to be a cloth cape and a removable helmet. In his capacity as Master of Magnetism, Magneto transcended a tragic childhood to establish himself as a dark champion of the mutant cause. He rallied like minds to form the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants---an organization quickly set in opposition of the X-Men. Though Magneto shared a friendship with and a linked ideology to Professor X, he (Magneto) set about enlightening and liberating his fellow mutants in a much less altruistic manner. Frequently, Magneto?s answer to the problem of mutant oppression involved either the subjugation or eradication of most non-mutants.
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