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Optimus Prime Voice Changer

Optimus Prime Voice Changer
Item #:SKU116509TD

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Item Description
Manufacturer:Hasbro Toys
Description Of Item: Become the mighty leader of the AUTOBOTS! Defend the Earth against the DECEPTICONS as the invincible OPTIMUS PRIME! Lead your fellow robots in a battle to save the AllSpark from the cruel hands of mighty MEGATRON! The ultimate headgear for any OPTIMUS PRIME fan, strap on this awesome helmet and rule the galaxy ? or your living room! ? with awesome electronic features! Three different modes let you make your voice sound like a robot, hear conversion sounds of OPTUMUS PRIME changing from a truck to a robot and back again, or hear OPTIMUS PRIME movie battle phrases like, ?I am OPTIMUS PRIME!? ?The DECEPTICONS must be stopped!? and three more! Easy-to-adjust straps allow you to fit the helmet comfortably on your head.
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