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Titanium Ultra: Optimal Optimus

Titanium Ultra: Optimal Optimus
Item #:SKU115303TD

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Item Description
Manufacturer:Hasbro Toys
Description Of Item: Primal received this form just after Megatron?s attempt to destroy the stasis-locked Gen 1 Optimus Prime. After Megatron was driven away, Rhinox attempted to repair Prime, but the work necessitated the removal of Prime?s spark---which was housed within the Matrix. Risking damage to himself, Primal removed the Matrix and stored it within his own chest housing, and as with any destined recipient of the Matrix his body was augmented. During the time he retained the Matrix, he formed a slight amalgam with Prime, and even once he returned the Matrix to its rightful owner, Optimal Optimus retained his aggrandized mode.
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