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Sigma 6 - Old Night Ranger Quad with Duke

Sigma 6 - Old Night Ranger Quad with Duke
Item #:SKU115030TD

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Item Description
Manufacturer:Hasbro Toys
Description Of Item: The NIGHT RANGER QUAD is the vehicle that DUKE relies on for covert night operations that take him over challenging mountains, rough roads ? and no roads at all. The NIGHT RANGER QUAD has an ultra-adaptive suspension system and highly responsive front wheel steering for a smooth, swift ride over the toughest terrain around. With the NIGHT RANGER QUAD, DUKE can easily reach and take down a COBRA base hidden in a forbidding mountain range. DUKE takes aim with the night vision targeting system for pinpoint accuracy, then unleashes a volley of concealed rockets to let the enemy know he?s arrived. With the grappling hook and other assault gear, he can overcome any barrier to complete his mission.
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