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Titanium Ultra - Darth Vader Tie Fighter

Titanium Ultra - Darth Vader Tie Fighter
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Item Description
Manufacturer:Hasbro Toys
Description Of Item: From The Desk Of Rear Admiral Qwong: Memorandum: The TIE Advanced Fighter My fellow Imperials, yes, it is true that we have tested, at great cost, several decidedly unsuccessful prototypes. I think we all remember the now-infamous Q-Wing Fighter---which ended the career of poor Moff Adipose in one fell swoop. I think we all recall the ill-fated TUBE Fighter as well as the resultant scandal. And goes without saying that no one will ever forget DUMP Walkers and their virulent logistic failure. As I have stated before I refuse to take sum credit for these flawed inventions, but instead direct all grievances to the entire design team of which I am senior developer and project leader. Erroneously and without warning, I have been suffocated by Darth Vader on two occasions. I object wholeheartedly to these attempts on my life, as well as the threats occurring both before and after both suffocations. Anyway, more to the original point, I am proud to present our latest invention, the Darth Vader TIE Fighter. You will notice an overall strengthened hull (implemented after the death of Darth Dewlap during the early test stages) and sharply angled wing panels. The TIE Advanced Fighter features shields, hyperdrive capability, air bags and cruise control. I should add that the TIE Advanced has officially cleared all test phases and now awaits its first combat mission. I thank you for your time.
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