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Transformer Titanium: Unicron

Transformer Titanium: Unicron
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Item Description
Manufacturer:Hasbro Toys
Description Of Item: Unicron, Dark God, Chaos Bringer, is a high-ranking Devil in the Transformers pantheon. He first made his appearance in Transformers: The Movie, but he goes back as far as universal creation, during which he was divided from his benevolent brother, Primus. Whereas Primus embraced exploratory transit and altruistic creation, Unicron embraced conquest and ravening destruction. Physically, Unicron has been destroyed on more than one occasion, but the essence of Unicron is eternal, surviving, biding its time, waiting for the opportunity to manifest itself again. Towards this end, Unicron frequently employs destructive Heralds or other agents to generate the necessary energon and ultimately pave the way for his cataclysmic return.
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