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Heavy Gauge - Morrigan

Heavy Gauge - Morrigan
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Item Description
Manufacturer:Yamato Toys
Description Of Item: Beautiful and busty, Morrigan is a succubus and part of the royal family of Makai. Her father, Belial, fractionalized her tremendous power, and one aspect of that power personified and became the winsome little succubus Lilith, a kind of fun-loving extension of Morrigan. As one of the royals, Morrigan faces competition in the ruling structure of Makai from Demitri on a nearly constant basis, but its a lot of time the struggle is demonstrated more like a quirky frustrated romance scenario. Being a succubus, Morrigan is equipped with the full arsenal, looks that wont quit, bats wings and nebulous power roughly equated to that of Ken, Ryu or even Akuma.
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