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Barbie - Superman Returns

Barbie - Superman Returns
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Item Description
Manufacturer:Mattel Toys
Description Of Item: Lois Lane is one matter, but at a more surreal end of the spectrum, probably a little closer to the Phantom Zone, we have Barbie Superman as well. This is a new Superman for a new age, not afraid to cry, not afraid to be sensitive. This is a Superman who has seen The Titanic and The Prince of Tides seventeen times, baby! He doesn?t care, not one little bit, that Doomsday, Brainiac and Metallo are laughing at him. Why not? Because he knows how to rise above it all. Because he?s better than the rest of them, 100% secure in his manhood. The tights say it all, baby, and his track record speaks for itself. There ARE crimes to solve in the Barbie community. The recent rise to power of super villainess Skipper and her Kryptonite bikini. The recent attack of bizarre asexual Ken clones. Danger is afoot in Barbie Land! So anyway, here?s your chance to bring justice to the valley of the dolls, once and for all, protecting all the pools, volleyball courts, fashion shows and shopping malls.
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