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Saga Collection: Boba Fett - 6

Saga Collection: Boba Fett - 6
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Item Description
Manufacturer:Hasbro Toys
Description Of Item: November 1, 2005 Introducing NEW Basic Figures for 2006! Presenting a first look at the Star Wars basic figures for 2006! These awesome figures are the first wave in the exciting 2006 Saga Collection line and are based on the Battle of Carkoon. Each includes a base and a randomly-selected exclusive hologram figure in the exciting new Saga Collection package. Look for them at retailers everywhere beginning in January 2006. Princess Leia Boushh Disguise Princess Leia disguises herself as the bounty hunter Boushh in order to free Han Solo from Jabba?s clutches. She is discovered and forced to be a slave girl, but ultimately is able to defeat the evil Hutt once and for all! Han Solo Han Solo is freed from his carbonite prison by Princess Leia, but is captured again by Jabba the Hutt, who orders his execution. Han and his friends have other ideas, however, and are able to escape the Sarlacc pit and destroy Jabba! Bib Fortuna Jabba?s loyal servant Bib Fortuna seals his master?s fate when he falls victim to Luke Skywalker?s Jedi mind tricks. He allows Luke into Jabba?s palace; when the Jedi and his friends ultimately defeat Jabba, Bib Fortuna narrowly escapes the exploding sail barge! Barada The ruthless Barada never had a problem with throwing Jabba?s prisoners into the Pit of Carkoon. That is, until the prisoners were Luke Skywalker and his friends! The skiff guard is devoured by the hungry Sarlacc when he loses his battle with the Jedi Knight! Chewbacca Chewbacca is ?captured? by the bounty hunter, Boushh, and brought to Jabba?s palace as a prisoner. Little did Jabba know that Boushh was really Princess Leia in disguise, and that Chewbacca would help his friends defeat Jabba and rescue Han Solo! Boba Fett The merciless Boba Fett delivers Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt, his bounty frozen in a carbonite prison. When Han?s friends rescue him, Boba fights them as they attempt to escape the Pit of Carkoon. His jet backpack misfires and he is thrown into the Sarlacc pit, where an unknown fate awaits him?
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