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Devil Rejects: Captain Spaulding

Devil Rejects: Captain Spaulding
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Item Description
Manufacturer:Neca Toys
Description Of Item: Meet Captain Spaulding, the world?s most notorious greasepaint monster. This demented character began life on April 13, 1918 as Johnny Lee Johns. He spent his early years in the Ruggsville County home for orphaned boys where by five he was already considered disposable youth. Johnny Lee soon developed a deeply unhealthy interest in sideshow deformities and violent crime photography. In 1947, while attending the State Fair, Johnny met Eve Wilson and soon began a whirlwind romance. Miss Wilson was a first class whore who came with her bastard sons Rufus and Tiny, and later bore Johnny's love-child, Vera-Ellen. Around the summer of 1965, a stranger named Otis Driftwood came. He and Johnny hit it off and Otis was soon living with Johnny and his family whom he called THE FIREFLYS. Otis dubbed Johnny ?Captain Spaulding? after after the lead character in a movie called ?Animal Crackers?. Spaulding and Driftwood went many violent crime sprees together. In 1971 Spaulding began work on his most ambitious project yet, the construction of a museum dedicated to all things evil. He called this roadside atrocity Captain Spaulding?s Museum of Monsters and Madmen. By 1976, he was now attracting out of state tourists to his museum to view his newly installed Dr. Satan attraction. This would provide a new steady stream of victims.
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