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Target 13-Inch Plush

Target 13-Inch Plush
Item #:SKU110830TD

Our Price: $23.95

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Item Description
Manufacturer:PrettyUgly Toys
Description Of Item: Target is the oldest and the wisest of the UglyDolls. He is also the hairiest -- GROSS! The other UglyDolls are a bit scared of Target's hair but respect his wisdom and courage (the wisdom to find Babo's cookies and the courage to eat them all).

The other UglyDolls come running to Target when there are questions to be answered. Old age may bring UglyDolls extra arms and whiskers, but it also brings wisdom and foresight. Target is often bailing the other UglyDolls out of trouble and getting them into more sophisticated forms of mischief. Target would like to go out into the real world with you to learn about other kinds of cookies. He can hold five!
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