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Horror is a cornerstone of McFarlane Toys. It\'s simple. They just love to create scary monster action figures and the fans like them, too. The edgier, the more horrific, the better. Created since 2001, Mcfarlane Toys has took fairy tale story, legends, and myth, then twisted them all around in the image of Mcfarlane. From high details figures such as Conan The Barbarian and Mcfarlane Dragons, Legendary figures such as the Twisted Land of Oz, and then joint collabaration with Clive Barker and his Tortured Souls and Infernal Parade Figures. High Details with their own accessories, there is no dissapointment here.

Clive Barker Tortured Souls 2 - The Fallen
Clive Barker Tortured Souls 3 - The Infernal Parade
Cliver Barker Tortured Souls Series 1
Mcfarlane Dragons
Mcfarlane Monsters 1
Mcfarlane Monsters 2 - Twisted Land of OZ
Mcfarlane Monsters 3 - 6 Face of Madness
Mcfarlane Monsters 4: Twisted Fairy Tales
Mcfarlane Monsters Exclusive
Mcfarlane Monsters Series 5: Twisted Xmas Tales
Tortured Souls 12 inch