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Magic The Gathering(MTG) Dark Ascension Booster Box SEALED CASE (6)

Magic The Gathering(MTG) Dark Ascension Booster Box SEALED CASE (6)
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Item Description
Manufacturer:Wizard of the Coast
Description Of Item: EACH BOX CONTAINS 6 OF THE FOLLOWING: Configuration: 36 packs per box. 15 cards per pack. Dark Ascension follows in the Gigantic footsteps of it's predecessor Innistrad in what we anticipate to be a Blockbuster 2nd set!! With Richard Garfield, the original creator of Magic the Gathering on the Development team could we have expected any less. From intro the Innistrad block has been thee most highly anciticipated block since the Ravnica Block and so far no dissapoint. From the stellar Liliana of the Veil Planeswalker to the incredible impact that Snapcaster Mage has already had in the way we build and develop decks for Standard and more!! So far the only tidbits that have been coming out aside form the 2nd incarnation of Sorin Markov is that there is a possibility that the gorish theme will continue and humans turn?!?! Zombies!? Does Mono-Black get even more tools to make it progress as a Tier 1 deck?! Well, more answers will be on their way during the following months as we head closer to the release date. I've got my $$$ on this being a killer mid-set just like Mirrodin Besieged and Worldwake!!!
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