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Family Guy Quagmire Bar 12-Inch Bobble Bank with Sound

Family Guy Quagmire Bar 12-Inch Bobble Bank with Sound
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Item Description
Description Of Item: Welcome to the Drunken Clam, where the men are loaded and the women are nervous. Hey there, sweetness. What brings you to our local watering hole? You must be lost, 'cause heaven is a long way from here. Actually, Quagmire must be lost - his thought of paradise was further south. You know, if you were words, you'd be the 'fine print!' Quagmire bet your dad was a baker because you have a nice pair of buns. Your eyes are blue like the ocean and he's lost at sea, baby. Wait, wait, where are you going? It's not fall yet, don't 'leaf' so soon! Aw, giggity.
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